New, slimline FuelBand?

Gizmodo UK has reported that Nike is working on  a second-generation FuelBand. Lighter and thinner than the original, the new band is still in development but it is theorised it could be launched to coincide with the anniversary of the original’s launch in early 2012.


Nike looks to help small startups link to Nike+

Nike have announced a search for ten companies to work with to create new ways for people to earn their “NikeFuel”, a propitiatory energy-expenditure tracking number.

Their Nike+ Accelerator will accept applications from companies aiming to use Nike+ to create products and services that will inspire people in their training, coaching, gaming, data visualization and quantified self by providing food and board along with access to some of their top team to help build out these tools.

As “the quantified self” becomes more mainstream, users are likely to ask for different ways to measure and record their everyday activity. What will these small companies enable you to record?