WeightWatchers offers in-app coaches

WeightWatchers doesn’t get much love these days, but I’m all for organisations attempting to innovate.

In WW’s case here, their American company have made a couple new additions to their programme that have impressed me.

Screenshot of Amazon's Mayday serviceFirstly, their app now offers video coaching- similar to us, of course, but in practice more like Amazon’s ‘Mayday’ button, where you can press the button and speak with one of their coaches 24/7. In practice, I feel working with a specific coach is more powerful than working with whoever picks up the call, but I love the fact that they now recognise one-on-one coaching can be powerful in weight loss.

Secondly, their new advertising campaign openly accepts that losing weight is hard. The video – which I encourage you to watch – talks about how we “eat our feelings”. Their new slogan, Help with the Hard Part, acknowledges that fact. It also shows a variety of people, men and women, large and only needing to lose a few pounds.

Overall, it’s very positive that the largest player in weight loss is now showing identifiable issues, rather than just newly-slim women doing a twirl in their party-frocks.

If the idea of personal accountability appeals and you think a coach would work for you, but you’re not a WeightWatcher, why not give us a try? We’ve helped hundreds¬†of people all over the world lose weight and keep it off- for good. Get in touch.