Your lizard brain and you

Supernormal Stimuli

This is a fantastic comic that hits home – it explains the history of the ‘argument’ you (big-brained you) are having with your subconscious every time you pass the biscuit tin.

Our instincts have served our bodies well for millennia. But they aren’t adapted to this world of plenty and abundance we’ve created. It’s only through reflection- using our conscious, determined mind- that we can rewrite our aims.

I found this comic referenced in an article by Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness, a fantastic resource for the more geekly-minded. His philosophy is great; he has adapted the terminology and approach of video games (levelling up, for example) to fitness as a whole. Worth a look.


The novelty of fitness bands lasts 6 months

Fitness bandsForbes’ Mike Powell (no relation) has written about fitness bands and their appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). He explained that although 10% Americans now owns one, it’s less likely that you’ll see them on one-in-ten wrists:

At the panel, NPD’s VP of Connected Intelligence, Eddie Hold, noted that 42 percent of Fitness tracker owners abandon usage in the first six months. This is a very high rate of abandonment, mirroring the dropout rate at fitness centers.

I take one important lesson from this. “[The] high rate of abandonment [mirrors the] rate at fitness centers”. In other words, if you’re not committed, simply signing up to a gym or buying a FitBit isn’t going to change things. The people who buy a band as a solution rather than as a tool will be sorely disappointed.